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21 Sep

Are women used as decoration?

How serious is the damage for young girls growing up with such ‘role models’ ?

Has our society lost its real values?

These are just few questions I ask to myself and to my blog’s readers. As media of all kinds has become an important factor of our lives, I wonder how great the influence really is?

From my personal experience, I can say that the level of manipulation is enormous. The sad factor about this is that the ‘manipulation’ is often taking place unconscious through magazines, ads, television and so on. Women receive a certain message every day, which says “you are beautiful if you are thin, wear make up, have the newest designer clothes, buy diet products, etc…..”. The danger lies within women who are affected by those messages and ads, who unconsciously start feeling worthless or ugly, who start following those messages, start buying and spending money to change their visual apperiance… the question is: do they really need to change their looks, do they actually need to become thinner or is it something the companies want in order to sell their products? In my oppinion, the answer is clear: due to the matrealistic society we are living in, due to beauty bussineses, women become slaves of beauty industries.

Of course, and thank God there are still enough women (including myself) who are aware of the unneccessity of such products and looks. However, the risk lies in young, growing up girls, who often do not have a person to share their feelings or opinion, and do not have a person who would tell them “you don’t need all that to be pretty – you are pretty!”

I think that all a woman needs to be beautiful is: to be loved, to love, to feel good and to live healthy! Without spending thousands of dollars for increasing a fictional beauty.


One Response to “Another interesting video..”

  1. cconawa September 23, 2010 at 9:29 PM #

    What else could you discuss with daughters, students, young friends or even older and more “influenced” friends that might educate them about these ideas?

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