Looks vs Intellect

28 Sep

Last night I was out with my girlfriends, and noticed the difference of attention towards sexy dressed girls, and casually dressed girls (both equally attractive and pretty).

Me and my five girl friends made a bar tour last night. Each one of us being an individual with different taste and style. Each one of us dressed nicely but differently. While four of us chose to dress pretty but rather casual, wearing jeans, skirts and a simple top, two of my friends dressed up wearing evening make up and cocktail dresses.

The difference was enormous! While every single girls seemed to receive attention and kind attitude, the two girls dressed in mini cocktail dresses also received free drinks from men all night. Here we come to the importance of physical looks. It is a wide knows fact that men love with their stomach AND eyes. Where does this come from? can we say that those males buying cocktails for the sexy girls all night have been influenced by the media as well? Or are they simply hunters who choose the most sexiest object? Either way, it was clear that the ‘sexy’ girls where the ‘winners’ of that night. The men? Rather losers by having spent all their money for the cocktails when the girls (we) suddenly disappeared, on our way to another bar.

My girlfriends have different opinions about this topic. While the sexy kind says that they like to attract attention through their looks, the ‘casual’ kind says that they like to attract the attention through their brains. Either way is fine, as long the sexy kind has some brains too. :))

That night I started thinking abut the easy ways of manipulation. And about the types of men that are around there. I believe (know) that not all men look for sexiness in the opposite sex, but it certainly is a factor that can be of great importance. So what does this tell us? We need to dress up to get attention? Not neccessarily! Other times, I have experienced that there is a particular type of man that gets attracted to make up and mini skirts – it usually is the “macho”, “casanova” type. And as we all know, those men are not for life. So I stay with my simple, but stylish look in order not to get attracted by the ‘wrong’ type of men. 😉

Here is an interesting info guide: http://www.journeywoman.com/ccc/default.html


4 Responses to “Looks vs Intellect”

  1. cconawa September 28, 2010 at 8:38 PM #

    OK, but how does this relate to the media? Also, each blog post is supposed to be accompanied by at least one link. It doesn’t need to be from an academic journal, but should relate your ideas to the work of the course.

    Dr. Conaway

    • WOMEN, SEX AND THE MEDIA September 30, 2010 at 8:57 AM #

      Where do males get those ideas of sexy women? Is it only in their minds or do they see them on magazines, television, advertisements etc…? The more a woman in a bar, during a night, appears as one of those idealized sexy cover models (by wearing make up that makes their faces appear perfect, dresses that make the legs and décolleté appealing….), the more the typical male craves her. Is this just because she is showing enough skin for imagination, or is this maybe because the media constantly reminds us that this is how a perfect, representable, desirable woman has to look like?? Let’s remember beauty ideal’s before the mass media took power over our minds. Ads and movies have existed before the sex era, and this is the difference. Earlier, women were presented in a completely different way. They had different roles, e.g. charming housewife, American sweetheart, independent woman , etc….. but they were definitely not objects presenting their only characteristic: sex. So, how does this relate to the media? The answer is simple: the influence of media so is strong that they tell us what to want, what to need. Those men have unconscious associations created by the media, and thus, when seeing a women that fits those associations a bell rings.

    • WOMEN, SEX AND THE MEDIA September 30, 2010 at 9:00 AM #

  2. Lisa Anderson September 30, 2010 at 12:32 AM #

    I notice this all the time too. It is scary how easily manipulated some men are because the lower the neckline, the more free drinks at the bar. On the other side of it, I wonder what the men think when they are ponying up the free drinks. Do they think because a woman is dressed sexy that she can be bought? I suppose everyone has an opinion on it.

    I saw what our instructor commented and sexiness is used all the time to sell things. And TV shows are always portraying the “sexy” girl as the one who is worthy of attention. Remeber what GEEK CHIC spoke about in the first chapter? Who remembers Sabrina? She was pretty and smart but not the sexy one.

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