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Most famous Music Videos

21 Oct

What do these three videos have in common? The answer is: SEX.

When looking at music videos of the most successful singers it becomes clear that they all have adopted the technique “sex sells”. No matter if it is the latest video or from 4 years ago, we can see that melody, voice, music have moved aside while nudeness, porn and sex have moved forward. The interesting fact about this: more and more stars include porn features in their texts and videos. A particular example is the video of Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga “Videophone”. When I listened to this song for the first time – in radio, I must admit that I somehow liked the song. However, when seeing the related video on MTV a few weeks later, I was shocked: the video had actually nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. A song about phones and relationships was turned into a sadomasochistic, porn featured sex video.

The song of 50 Cent “Candy Shop” was first place in the charts for months. When listening to the lyrics and seeing the video, the message is clear. What I don’t understand is how extremely women are turned into physical objects and even sex slaves in a video that ‘rules the music charts’. More and more women are put into these limited positions by men and worst – by themselves. As Rihanna sings “Come on rude boy can you get it up? Is it big enough?…Tonight I’m gonna give it to you harder, tonight I’m gonna get it harder…” So I ask: what messages are we receiving every day through radio and television? Not only is the text extremely sexist but the video supports this vulgarism.

I was able to find an interesting article from BBC wherethis issue is addressed.