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23 Nov

As said in the ad on the right “most man don’t ask whether a women is smart or interesting, they simply ask is she pretty? Nowadays, men have adopted a new word “hot”. So nowadays the men, usually the younger population, as is she hot? Well in regard to this topic, I was able to find a very interesting site that shows ads of the past, and the general role and duties of a women, from a clearly subjective and  rather sexist point of view.

Site:  Sexism



These ads obviously present the role of a women from the point of view from a man. According to these ads, women are for household, cleaning and obeying – and only for that. So I ask myself and you – how were girls able to grow up into strong, independent personalities if they were placed under the category of being less than man. I believe that even if some women ignored these ridiculous ads and messages through out the media, they were “put back into place” by the rest of the society. I am happy that nowadays no advertisier or company would dare to put up ads like that – they would simply be distroyed by the feminist groups. Furthermore, I believe that the emergence of feminism and such groups was a good step in the past in order to stand up for female opinion in regard to sexism produced and exercised by man.

I am definitely not a man hater. Neither am I a feminist. I think people, no matter which sex, should be treated equally and should have the same rights. No one is superior to the other. If people still think otherwise, it doesn’t make them better than Hitler or Stalin, or any other being that had no human characteristics.

Apart from this, I find the routine of the so called nuclear family (traditional family) terrifying if we take the example of both parents working full time, coming home exhausted, the man throwing off his work stuff and immediately landing in front of the TV with lifted legs and a beer in his hand, while the wife (as exhausted as she might be) needs to clean the house, make dinner, and take care of the kids. Sadly, I know too many such families, and I simply can not understand why the women let themselves down, why they don’t tell the guy to stand up and help!? Women, especially women of the 21st century are not slaves! I assume the sad fact is that such women have simply come to accept their “sad” lives without having a drive to push and pull from time to time.

Another interesting article:  Media Showing Girls as Sex Objects

Furthermore I found another interesting article about the role of women in media. This article discusses how media influences and leads women in their decisions and changes the societies, and male perception towards a woman as an individual.

The positive aspect about this is that luckily there are enough women (as e in this class) who realize the stereotypes, oppression and sexism going on, and are able to speak and stand up for themselves.



Women in media to look up to

15 Nov

So far I have been discussing the negative attributes in regard to women portrayals in media. This time I would like to concentrate on some role models in the media that encourage us to think positively. Especially I would like to concentrate on Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Merkel, and in the conclusion I would like to mention my mother, who is a former diplomat and the leader of the European Union in Latvia, and a strong role model for me as I start my career as a television journalist.

Hillary Clinton


Was born in 1947 in Illinois, and is the US Secretary of State, working for the US President Barack Obama. Hillary is a Senator, lawyer and the former first lady when her husband Bill Clinton was the President of the United States of America. She also run for US presidency. Hillary has a positive media image, no scandals (excluding her husband’s affair), and is an extraordinary personality. Furthermore, Hillary has worked her whole life in order to reach what she has reached. Hillary Clinton is a charming, intelligent woman with a good taste and lots in her pocket.

Hillary Clinton Biography




Oprah Winfrey 

Born in 1954 in Mississippi US. Oprah is a top TV host, and the wealthiest and most successful Black African-American woman on earth. From her young age Oprah has been working towards her goal – to become a successful broadcaster. She worked as a journalist in high school, later as a broadcaster for television channels. Nowadays Oprah has reached her dream, and is a world – wide recognized start in the media business. Oprah is somebody to look up to, especially in the media business, and one of my idols as I become a journalist.



Angela Merkel

She is the “Bundeskanzler” of Germany, or the German stateswoman, chancellor, and “is also the first former citizen of the German Democratic Republic to lead the reunited Germany and the first woman to lead Germany since it became a modern nation-state in 1871.” (4) Merkel has a PhD in physics and runs the chancellor office after winning the second election period. Merkel has been interested in politics for quite some time, she joined the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) in 1990, from then she has been active for Germany’s goals as well as European Union and world goals, helping smaller and new members of the EU to integrate. Angela is the first female leader in German politics and is believed to have changed Germany to the positive.





Iveta Šulca

Born in Riga, Latvia in 1964, Iveta obtained two Master’s degrees in Political Sciences and Economics at the Latvian Univeristy. Iveta has worked for the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, later as a diplomat in Germany, Czech Republic and Crotatia bein the extraordinary Ambassador of Latvia. From 2006,

Iveta is leading the European Union in Latvia, and has helped Latvia and the Latvian society to grow as a part of the European Union.Iveta is my mother, and a female idol for my personal goals. When I was smaller I used to say “if I reach half of what my mother ha

s reached, I will be proud of myself”. This attitude I have kept till nowadays.





These women are strong role models for any girl or woman growing up into a confident personality. These women personify strong personalities, and present the opposite to the world of what is typically being shown by the mass media in regard to the personification of a woman. With respect, I can say that I am extremely proud, not only of my mother, but of all women who live in our society and prove that intelligence and style do fit together, and that a woman is much more than just an object.

As I continue my career in television news journalism, I keep these female role models in my head.

Charlotte Schulz

Latvian News Channel Journalist






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