23 Nov

As said in the ad on the right “most man don’t ask whether a women is smart or interesting, they simply ask is she pretty? Nowadays, men have adopted a new word “hot”. So nowadays the men, usually the younger population, as is she hot? Well in regard to this topic, I was able to find a very interesting site that shows ads of the past, and the general role and duties of a women, from a clearly subjective and  rather sexist point of view.

Site:  Sexism



These ads obviously present the role of a women from the point of view from a man. According to these ads, women are for household, cleaning and obeying – and only for that. So I ask myself and you – how were girls able to grow up into strong, independent personalities if they were placed under the category of being less than man. I believe that even if some women ignored these ridiculous ads and messages through out the media, they were “put back into place” by the rest of the society. I am happy that nowadays no advertisier or company would dare to put up ads like that – they would simply be distroyed by the feminist groups. Furthermore, I believe that the emergence of feminism and such groups was a good step in the past in order to stand up for female opinion in regard to sexism produced and exercised by man.

I am definitely not a man hater. Neither am I a feminist. I think people, no matter which sex, should be treated equally and should have the same rights. No one is superior to the other. If people still think otherwise, it doesn’t make them better than Hitler or Stalin, or any other being that had no human characteristics.

Apart from this, I find the routine of the so called nuclear family (traditional family) terrifying if we take the example of both parents working full time, coming home exhausted, the man throwing off his work stuff and immediately landing in front of the TV with lifted legs and a beer in his hand, while the wife (as exhausted as she might be) needs to clean the house, make dinner, and take care of the kids. Sadly, I know too many such families, and I simply can not understand why the women let themselves down, why they don’t tell the guy to stand up and help!? Women, especially women of the 21st century are not slaves! I assume the sad fact is that such women have simply come to accept their “sad” lives without having a drive to push and pull from time to time.

Another interesting article:  Media Showing Girls as Sex Objects

Furthermore I found another interesting article about the role of women in media. This article discusses how media influences and leads women in their decisions and changes the societies, and male perception towards a woman as an individual.

The positive aspect about this is that luckily there are enough women (as e in this class) who realize the stereotypes, oppression and sexism going on, and are able to speak and stand up for themselves.



5 Responses to “Sexism”

  1. cconawa November 23, 2010 at 11:19 PM #

    I know that men doing their share of the housework is known to be a huge issue. Personally, I grew up in a home where my mom mostly cooked and my dad cleaned up the kitchen afterwards (occasionally they would trade places when my dad made chili), and my own partnership works the same way. While the family next door is more “sexist”–the woman may do most of the housecleaning but the man is constantly fixing things, gardening, painting the house and so on so it seems equivalent if not equal.

    Although personally I know few “traditional” households, I am assuming that’s because most of my friends and family are academics or professional and I know there are still many.

    Is this more or less of an issue in Europe as far as you can tell? Is there any push in the Czech media to get men to pitch in more?

    • WOMEN, SEX AND THE MEDIA November 23, 2010 at 11:42 PM #

      Personally, I have lived in diverse countries including Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, and Latvia. All countries a part of Europe, therefore it is hard for me to tell about US households as I know them only from visiting a few times and of course television. As far as I am concerned, in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe this model of the woman cleaning is still very actual. Especially in countries such as Latvia and Czech Republic, the people have grown up with this model from the Soviet Union. During this period, both – the men and women were working in factories and on farm land as an “occupied society”, both were exhausted, nevertheless while men had one job, women had two: the regular job, and household duties. This model has remained till today, especially in families where the parents are born before 1960’s, and even later since Latvia, for example regained its independence in 1991 only. This “modern” idea of female careers is still not acceptable to a great number of men.

      Regarding the media, if Czech or Latvian (both are a similar structure and development), there is very little information on/about such social issues. Personally, I have not seen a single report or story about family models or working wives. The opposite is in Germany. The German media covers all sorts of topics and social issues, including careers, sexism and equality.

  2. lenka88 November 30, 2010 at 4:49 PM #

    Thank you for such an interesting post. I too find the “routine of the so called nuclear family” terrifying as you point out – and for the very same reasons. Perhaps I fear this so much because I grew up in a traditional family setting where my mom took care of the household while my step-father ran his business. It is sad for me to see how weak some women let themselves become in the presence of men – and for what – because they fear being alone? Additionally, it has been my experience that the strong women that I know are all financially stable making the same, or more money than their partner, hence finances could be a contributing issue to female strength. Do you agree?

    • WOMEN, SEX AND THE MEDIA November 30, 2010 at 9:19 PM #

      hey Lenka!

      Regarding your question: I strongly agree with you. My personal opinion is that a woman should be an individual and earn her own money instead of having to ask her husband for every single thing. Overall, I have noticed that women who are in a partnership but independent are more confident and happier. I think a certain charm and independence surely lies in money. However, money should not be made the main factor in a partnership.

  3. sward02 December 3, 2010 at 8:43 PM #

    This is such an interesting post! I cannot believe these advertisements were real and used in the past!! They would never get away with ads like these today, like you mention. One thing I noticed was that these ads show women as being less than men – actually more like their own personal maids and servants – and the women LIKING those roles. Today’s ads show women in a different but similar role – sex object. Almost every advertisement I see today, whether it’s on TV or in a magazine, is using female sexuality to sell products. And women are shown LIKING this role – that we as women like being seen as a sex object or like being bombarded by men pawing at us. It’s a bit different, but I see the same tone and ideas in both these sets of ads. We have gone from being men’s household slaves to being men’s sex slaves. Not much of a leap forward.

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