A Hollywood Star talks about Beauty, Job and Pressure

14 Dec

Salma Hayek is a successful, yet down to earth actress. In an interview that I found online, she informs about the “Hollywood Rules”. Furthermore, Hayek addresses issues about the enormous pressure that women have to undergo on their way to fame.

Hayek: “Society thinks if you don’t have children, you’ve failed as a woman, even if you are CEO of a company. You’ve got to be beautiful, smart, skinny, tall, rich, successful at your job, married to the right guy – and have genius children. And by the way, you also have to be a nun.”

According to Hayek, and actress is no longer just an actress who’s only job is to be good in film. Nowadays, there is an invisible pressure put on women who are on their way to succeed. Expectations rise higher and higher, and not all women are strong enough to ignore these unrealistic expectations that are being placed on them.

Hayek says that it has gone too far: “The stress is sensational. But then, you have to keep everything in perspective. It’s a dress, hair, makeup – c’mon, let’s go! We have to stop this obsession that starts when we’re teenagers: ‘Am I pretty enough?”

When searching the web, I was not able to find a lot of stars sharing Hayek’s opinion. Maybe because of set rules, set ideals, stars prefer to talk about other things. However, I was positively surprised to find a woman who seems to be “real”, and seems to have kept her natural way of being without letting the beauty mass industry come too close.

–> http://fametastic.co.uk/archive/20070420/5707/salma-hayek-the-pressure-on-women-today-is-enormous/


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