The Rich and Beautiful ??

14 Dec

Hollywood, and the revolving society of it are known as the rich and beautiful in our world. But when does beauty become too much? When does richness become an obsession? This time, I would like to show you how wrong the rich and beautiful can go themselves. Moreover, I would like to stress the materialistic and unnatural being of Hollywood, and I also would like to encourage girls to rethink their beauty desires and see the effects they leave on human beings.

Hollywood’s desperate need for Botox


These two women are a ‘nice’ example how the Botox procedure can go wrong. Thank God, there are enough stars who use it with caution. But why do stars, and those who can afford it need it? Why is it unacceptable in our society to grow old with pride? Why do women feel the pressure to hide every single, small wrinkle that appears with time? Aren’t wrinkles more than just wrinkles? Aren’t they signs of our lived lives, of our experiences? And if so, why should we try to hide them? Well, in order to answer this question, I would need friends from Hollywood, which I sadly (or luckily) don’t have.  Maybe these two women would not look as painful if they would have had less friends in Hollywood.


Fake Tan  

Another, rather unnecessary beauty try is the so called spray tan – or fake tan. More and more Hollywood stars seem to be willing to spray their bodies brownish orange in order to appear more healthy or relaxed. Sadly, the outcome often looks like in the picture above where Christina Aguilera has tried too hard, while the man seems to have decided to color only half of his face.


Hair Extensions

Well, hair extensions are a “must have”, not only in Hollywood, but all around the world. However, Hollywood stars such as Britney and Paris are doing their best to promote the fashion of head fur. Apart from damaging your natural hair, looking like fleas or little animals, being expensive, falling out and so on……… hair extensions seem to be an “accessorize” the stars cannot live without. Sad, but fact. 


Last but not least……………….


……..The Ultimate Thinness

The size O is becomming more and more fashionable through out Hollywood. Stars seem to be fascinated by this “healthy”  appearance. It seems that Nicole and Keira are advertising their new slogan ” More bones, more success!” The sad fact about this is that more and more young women around the world start to accept this type of looks, without being aware of the health problems they are causing themselves. 

If we – the “normal” people receive such images from Hollywood on an every day basis, it is no wonder that crazy (I would call it sick) ideas like these start circling the world and affecting people. These people, with their Botox, extensions, unnatural tan, extreme thinness etc… are people others look up to.

I think it is time we find other role models. Far away from the “beauty” controlled Hollywood.


Here is an interesting article about Botox and its effect on actors –>


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