Media does influence women…

21 Sep

I added this video to my blog to show my idea of media influence towards women.

The video perfectly represents the stereotypes created about women through out media. Furthermore, it informs about the increasing importnace of physical looks, diet products, beauty products and clothes. An interesting aspect says that “women who are insecure and unsure about themselves and their bodies,┬áchose to spend more money on beauty products and clothes.”

I would like to know the opinion of girls and women about the video I posted, and opinions about women portrayals and influence of women by the media.


Hello world!

16 Sep


In my blog, I will be concentrating on images of women created by the mass media.

We live in a time of industry, advertisement and media, where the role of women has lost its original meaning being produced and presented as sex objects. This fact is not only dangerous to growing up girls, women, men but it is also a great potential for aggressions and rape